Thursday, March 16, 2017


In my arms just two handbreadths long
You've lived only a fortnight
I bring you to sleep with a song
We're alone your mother sleeps tonight

You are a joy, you've made me happy
You are my love and you are with me
They say death plays life before your eyes
But the sight of you brings deep sighs

In this night in this room under the moon
I see you grown in the aisle so soon
Slow down princess stay with me
Let's have have this time to simply be

Take my strength, take my love
You, my gift from above
Learn from me and teach me too
Let me give my life to you

Princess you walk, princess now you talk
Princess you run, my princess soon will be gone
Keep me in your heart, in there let me stay
I shall always remember my pirncess, all my days.

16 March 2017

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